Caring for your Earrings


  • We recommend storing your earrings in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.

    This means not leaving your earrings on the bathroom bench or in the car console folks!

  • Keeping your jewellery in a box or case is best to prevent damage to the hooks or posts.


  • Unlike surgical steel, sterling silver tarnishes over time due to moisture and oils from your skin. To keep your findings sparkling silver we recommend using a silver polishing cloth on the hooks and jump rings. It’s super easy and affordable!

  • A baby wipe or glasses cloth can be used to remove any surface oils or dirt from the acrylic pendant.

Caring for your Patches

Iron on instructions

  • Set your iron to approximately 150-180° on the cotton setting (without steam). You need a hot and dry iron for good adhesion.

  • Apply iron to fabric to warm and smooth the area prior to patch application.

  • Place patch on the fabric, embroidery side facing up.

  • Place a thin tea towel over the patch for protection.

  • Apply the iron on top of the tea towel with pressure. Keep the iron moving at all times. Pressure is key to good adherence.

  • For safe keeping, stitch a little thread to the edges to avoid any lost patch tears!

  • Note: Do not apply to synthetic or highly elastic fabrics or materials which are too delicate to withstand the heat. Cotton denim is ideal.


  • Turn garment with patches inside out.

  • Hand wash with a mild eco detergent.

  • Pat dry using a towel, you may wish to roll the garment with the towel and squeeze gently.

  • Place garment flat in the shade to dry.

  • When dry, iron garment on the reverse side of the patches and then on top using the instructions above.